About us

An Affordable Management Mission

At Arion, we believe our people are our biggest strength .We continuously nurture & motivate our human assets .Each employee is proud to contribute towards the overall mission of the company. ARION HEALTHCARE is a GMP Certified pharmaceutical company established in 2005, by Mr. Ravi Jain & Mr. Abhay Jain. Arion has state of the art facility as per WHO Standards.

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Quality Control

Quality with infinite service

Arion includes the development of best quality & innovative pharmaceutical preparations also we undertake our quest of improving quality of human life with enthusiasm & vigour as Arion has ISO-9001 2008 & GMP Certifications Which leads our direction towards best quality with strategic intent. There is best statistical process control to bring the organizational level to six sigma of 

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Our Core Area

Your health is in reliable hands

There is an internal audit operation system to assess adequacy of QA system. At Arion, Specifications and STPs are prepared by QC and finally reviewed and issued by Quality Assurance.In case of regulatory specifications and STPs, Department of Regulatory Affairs is consulted. Specifications and STPs are written in prescribed Format with identification no.

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India’s pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy with the growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9 per cent during 2004-2008. The industry has emerged as one of the strongest and most successful examples of knowledge-based industries in the world and it has made tremendous progress in terms of development of technology, products and infrastructure. Its large pool of skilled technical workforce, Legible production costs and government support has enabled its transformation from an import-dependent country to a major exporting country. The Indian Pharmaceutical sector is highly fragmented & has expanded drastically in the last two decades with severe price competition and government price control. We at Arion put our self in the same segment contributing to great tune to the growth of Pharmaceutical industry .We have matched & surpassed all the requirements for being to be amongst one of the key Players in Pharma. With its rich scientific talents and research capabilities, supported by Intellectual Property Protection regime we are well set to take on the international marketing as well. Opportunities are High as the domestic turnover of the industry stood at Rs 525.6 billion in 2008, accounting for 1.6 percent of GDP. Out of this turnover, domestic branded formulations sales were worth Rs 327.7 billion (as per ORG IMS June 08 retail sales data) The pharmaceutical products can be broadly classified into bulk drugs and formulations. The formulations can be categorised under various therapeutic groups ROAD AHEAD The Indian pharmaceutical industry will see tremendous growth in the coming years as consumer spending on healthcare is increasing in India. Consumer spending on healthcare is expected to increase from 7 per cent of GDP in 2007 to 13 per cent of GDP by 2015.

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